Power Information

Defy Gravity & Fly through the air.


Create a Gravitational Field Around One's body via concentration




Flight is a physical power that allows one to manipulate and create a gravitational field around one's body and therefore leap up into the air in order to defy gravity.



  • Telekinesis: Despite what many believe, flight has also been associated with the abilities granted to those with telekinetic powers. Those who are more advanced telekinetics are known to have this ability at their disposal.
  • Levitation: An application ability granted by flight, those who are able to fly are known to have is the ability to defy gravity and move through the air slightly.
  • Hovering: Flight enables one to float up into the air, however slower than other applications of flight.
  • Superhuman Leap: A very closely associated power with flight is the ability to leap at superhuman levels.

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